Le décorateur - céramiste et mécène de Jean Carriès - Georges Hoentschel

Ceramicist and patron of Jean Carriès

Ceramicist and patron of Jean Carriès : As friend and patron of Jean Carriès he bought the sculptor and ceramicist’s works, and then the lease, on his death, allowing GH to run the stoneware workshop-studios in Montriveau. Helped by Jean Carriès’ workers and collaborators, he produced artistic items that he used in his decorative designs sold to clients. This factory was closed down when Emile Grittel relocated his studio to Clichy-la-Garenne. The stoneware that Georges Hoentschel produced was strongly influenced by the Japanese style, by Symbolism, Naturalism and finally Art Nouveau.

Torchère (one of a pair), flamed stoneware vase mounted with a bouquet of gilded bronze poppies and mounted on an elm case (from the Ganay mansion – now in the Musée d’Orsay). Left, portrait of Jean Carriès, project for the Grand Door by Jean Carriès. Right: stoneware vase by Georges Hoentschel.