Acteur de la vie Parisienne - Georges Hoentschel

An important player on the Parisian scene

An important player on the Parisian scene : as a well-known figure in Parisian life, all his contemporaries admired his taste and qualities. He was a friend of Marcel Proust, Giovanni Boldini, Paul-César Helleu, Georges Feydeau, Léopold Stevens, Comte Robert de Montesquiou, Jean Carriès, Edgar Degas, Comte and Comtesse Greffulhe (on the right), Jacques Doucet and many others (above centre, part of a full-length portrait of Georges Hoentschel by the artist Ferdinand Roybet – 1890, with a dedication “To his dear friend”).

Centre, a portrait of Georges Hoentschel in evening dress by Ferdinand Roybet – 1890, with the dedication “A son cher ami” (partial view of full-length portrait). Left: Comtesse Greffulhe, portrait by Philip de Laszlo. Right Princess Marthe Bibesco by Giovanni Boldini.