Le collectionneur - collection Impressionniste et XIXeme - Georges Hoentschel

Impressionist collection – 19th century

Impressionist collection – 19th century: Georges Hoentschel selected some major works of Impressionist art for his collection: “La pomme sur une assiette” by Edouard Manet, “L’enfant à l’épée” and “La rue Monnier aux Paveurs” (Rue de Berne) by Edouard Manet, together with works by artists he knew and appreciated such as Edouard Vuillard (woman sewing), Pierre Bonnard (La promenade), James Abbott McNeill Whistler (Pastel: woman with fan) Alfred Stevens (disappointment or Cruel certainty), James Turner (the fire), Giovanni Boldini (full-length portrait of a woman), Paul-César Helleu (woman and peacock), Eugène Carrière, Willette and others.  The designer was celebrated for his special gift for seeking out the truly beautiful. Calouste Gulbenkian bought the painting “La Débâcle par temps gris” by Claude Monet and today it is in the museum of the same name in Lisbon, Portugal.

Left: “La rue Mosnier aux Paveurs” (Rue de Berne) by Edouard Manet. Wright : « la pomme sur une assiette »  by Edouard Manet.