Far-Eastern Art: with the renewal of Japonism in Europe and the discovery of Far Eastern art, and thanks to the enthusiasm of his friends and art lovers such as Robert de Montesquiou, Jacques Doucet and Jean Carriès and others, Georges Hoentschel acquired many works of art that revealed his excellent judgement and his eclectic taste. For example, the Kwannin figure in gilded bronze (Ming dynasty), the bronze Bodhisattva Miroku figure, shown sitting with the elbow on the right knee (style of Tembio, Kwan-si artist). Japan (GH’s estate catalogue) pair of vases, cloisonné enamel on a turquoise background, screens with two and six panels on gold and silver backgrounds, decorated with white chrysanthemums and cockerel, hens and chicks, signed by Jusetsu, Japan, Meidji period (sale catalogue and others).usetsu, Japan, Meidji  period (sale catalogue).

Left: Bodhisattva Miroku, bronze 1.10m high (Japan) Centre: Screen 6 panels. Right: Kwannin seated on a rock (Ming dynasty).