Le collectionneur : Collection-XVIIIme français. Georges Hoentschel

18th century French collection

18th century French collection: the 18th century French collection constituted the most important part of Georges Hoentschel’s collection.  It was displayed in the Hall of the collector’s mansion. It included, amongst other things, the carved oak doors from the Chateau de Marly, the Queen’s ceremonial chairs, furniture, sculpture, pictures, carpets from the Savonnerie manufactory, stone balusters attributed to Louis Le Vau from the time of Louis XIV and taken from the Tuileries Palace, carved oak and gilded wood from a design by French Antoine Vassé, dating from the 17th century, and more.

Left: Balusters. Centre: Queen’s ceremonial chair bought by Louis XV. Right: carved wood in gilded oak, based on a design by François Antoine Vassé dating from 18th century.